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We grow and sell premium square alfalfa bales

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Premium Alfalfa Hay For Sale Manitoba

Premium Alfalfa with Increased Protein and Digestibility

To increase the relative feed value and protein of our alfalfa, we try to cut it before it goes into the blooming stage. This approach gives our product a finer stem ratio with increased protein and relative feed value. Due to a finer stem ratio, it is easier to digest and with our quality product, the livestock will eat everything instead of picking through it and only eating the finer stuff.

Premium Alfalfa Hay For Sale Manitoba

Carefully Monitored Moisture Rate and Harvesting Height

We carefully monitor our alfalfa as we bale with the most up-to-date moisture control equipment installed on our balers. We always try to cut at an earlier stage to achieve the finest stem ratio possible.

Premium Alfalfa Hay For Sale Manitoba

Square Bales are Easy to Move and Store with Less Waste

Our bales are 3’ x 4’ x 8’ in size with an average weight of 1,500 lbs. Square bales are easy to move, easier to store and produce less waste than round bales. Square bales also require less storage space and are easier to transport.

Common Questions

We sell by the relative feed value point at market price.
The relative feed value ranges anywhere from 125 to 235 depending on the crop year.
Our bales weigh an average of 1,500 lbs.
Yes, we deliver depending on the area, and if we can get a back-haul or not. Typically, it is $2 a loaded km.

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